PT. Multi-Diesel Service

PT. Multi Diesel Service was established in 2004 in Bogor – West Java as an independent Marine and stationary diesel engine service provider.

Since 2012 MDS is an authorized dealer for MaK Marine and Power Generation spare parts and services in Indonesia.

Our Indonesian and expatriate team of engineers’ have over forty years experience working for and with MaK in Indonesia and around the world.

Continuous advanced training by our principal Caterpillar Marine Asia Pacific ensures our engineers’ up to date knowledge and capabilities in servicing MaK engines.

As an authorized dealer for MaK parts and service in Indonesia we are committed to our customers to supply genuine MaK parts within the shortest time and to provide MaK standard of service and support anytime and anywhere.

MDS customer service include:

  •   Installation & commissioning
  •   24 hours technical support
  •   Trouble shooting
  •   Sea trial
  •   Maintenance contract
  •   Crew training
  •   Engine overhauls
  •   Components overhaul

Engine components serviced at MDS workshop facility include:

  •   Cylinder heads
  •   Pistons & connecting rods
  •   Cylinder liner honing
  •   Turbochargers
  •   Fuel injection pumps
  •   Fuel injectors
  •   Charge air coolers