Joint Venture Products

Joint Venture Products

Caterpillar has been building MaK branded medium speed engines in China since the founding of the Shunde, Guangdong manufacturing facility in 1999 and has now established an additional manufacturing facility for M20 and M25 engines in Anqing, Anhui Province. 

Both engine models are built to the proven German design and offer a power range from 1,020kW to 3,000 kW in Propulsion versions. Used in GenSets, the kVA ranges from 1224 to 3600. 

The engines built from the exciting new CSSC Anqing-Kiel Co Ltd Joint Venture will: 

-Contain critical components from current M20 and M25 suppliers or their Asia-Pacific regional operations 
-Take advantage of and leverage a broader Asia supply base, particularly in China and Asia 
-Use critical machined components from the Caterpillar factory in Kiel, Germany 
-Capitalize on the previously developed and quality-proven CSSC medium speed engine suppliers 
-Benefit from the localization initiative associated with the high speed, higher volume Caterpillar 3500 model engine 

Application and Installation support for these JV engine models will be handled by the same Shanghai and Germany based teams that handle all other MaK engine models. Customized proposals for propulsion and genset systems as well as engine interface and system drawings will be generated by these experienced and well-proven engineering teams. 

Commissioning, training, service repair and genuine parts supply will be handled by the same MaK dealer network that handles all other MaK branded engines. 

The Joint Venture products carry the MaK brand and as you can see, Caterpillar stands firmly behind all products produced in the Anqing facility! With time this facility will become the main source of MaK branded M20 and M25 engines. 
Jul 2015


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