Service, Overhauling and Repair

MaK Middle East offers a comprehensive range of turbocharger maintenance, overhaul, repair, and upgrading / modification service options from its well-equipped Dubai based workshop. These services are performed by our experienced turbocharger service team who are experienced in servicing turbochargers from several different manufacturers. All of our turbocharger service engineers and technicians have been trained and certified at the Napier factory in Lincoln in the UK.

As a Napier Factory Authorized and Certified Napier Turbocharger Service Center, MaK Middle East strives to maintain and exceed all necessary OEM compliance and quality standards. In addition to Napier Turbochargers, MaK Middle East is also certified to repair KBB turbochargers. In addition to servicing turbochargers installed on MaK, CM and Caterpillar (3600 and C280) engines, MaK Middle East can also service Napier and KBB turbochargers installed on other manufacturers' engines.

To better support our customers in the Middle East  Region MaK Middle East has made significant investments in maintaining a comprehensive stock of genuine Napier and KBB turbocharger spare parts, cartridges, and service exchange units in Singapore.

In conjunction to its Dubai workshop, MaK Middle East can also provide turbocharger services on board a vessel such as basic inspections, maintenance and the removal and installation of turbochargers.

MaK Middle East is also a Napier factory certified dealer for Napier Turbochargers including the supply of authorised services and the supply of genuine parts and components.  

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Napier Certification(Dubai)