Engine Upgrades and Conversions

As the authorized MaK marine dealer in the Middle East Region, MaK Middle East is able to provide customers with various MaK Factory Certified engine upgrading and conversion options that not only meet MaK requirements, but also Marine Classification Society and IMO requirements.

Upgrading and Conversion options include:'

·          IMO I to IMO II MaK Engine Upgrades

·          MDO to HFO Conversions

·          M43C to M46DF Dual Fuel Conversions

·          M32C to M34DF Dual Fuel Conversions

·          Woodward U G40DI Actuator to Regulators Europa Retrofit

·          Napier N297 & NA 357 Turbocharger Lip Oil Seal Conversion 

·          Relevant Engine Parts & Components


All upgrades are supported by the MaK factory and come with required IMO and EIAPP Certification. Please submit a formal enquiry to MaK Middle East to receive confirmation that an engine IMO upgrade or fuel conversion is available for your specific engine.


IMO EIAPP Compliance Services

As the representative of the engine maker, MaK Middle East is authorized not only by the MaK factory but also the majority of marine classification societies to perform EIAPP compliance surveys of individual MaK engines. This clearly defined and documented process can provide the customer with peace of mind in identifying if an engine is still in full compliance of IMO emissions regulations.

Napier Turbochargers

MaK Middle East is a certified Napier Turbocharger service center, and offers a wide-range of services in addition to servicing installed turbochargers on MaK engines.

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