Caterpillar Marine Asia Pacific Pte Ltd (also known as “MaK Asia”) is pleased to announce that it has successfully completed all of the requirements to achieve Singapore WSH “BizSafe Level 4” certification. This is the culmination of a six month journey which started with obtaining BizSafe Level 1 and then obtaining the standards required for levels 2, 3 and 4. Final BizSafe Level 4 certification was awarded only the successfully completing an audit as conducted by a Singapore Government appointed auditor.

Safety remains MaK Asia’s highest priority and this BizSafe Level 4 certification has complemented Caterpillars already robust corporate EHS policies and processes. The continued high priority on safety within our facilities and while working onboard ships, vessels, platforms and in shipyards not only focuses on the personal safety of MaK Asia employees but also on those people who work around them.

MaK Asia is proud of its good track record and high level of focus in regards to safety though there can never be any relaxation or a decreased level of focus on safety as the very nature of performing marine and offshore petroleum service always presents the opportunity for an accident to occur.