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MaK Asia/MaK Middle East are the authorized dealer of MaK engines in Asia Pacific and Middle East. Explore our product offerings and find which equipment best meets your needs. 


The current MaK product line consists of four stroke, medium speed diesel engines with an output range from 1,020 to 16,000 kW (at speeds from 500 to 1,000 revolutions per minute). All MaK engines have the ability to run on both Marine Diesel Oil (MDO) and Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO).

The DF34 and DF46 can also run on Duel Fuel (LNG/Gas)

MaK engines have a broad scope of application within the marine market and are used both in propulsion applications and as auxiliary power units for all types of vessels including:  tankers, container ships, cruise ships, offshore logistics, tugs, ferries, governmental, and inland waterway boats. MaK engines are characterized by ease of installation and maintenance, enhanced reliability, and low operating costs. In addition, the current engine types are compliant with current (IMO III) emission regulations.




MaK Marine engines are suitable for a wide range of commercial marine applications including various vessels, ferries, and cruise ships.

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Learn about the real-life uses of our products and with these vessel references. From cruise ships to cargo vessels, and everything in between, MaK provides the quality and efficiency our customers need carry them through the day.

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