Even after the initial sale, MaK Asia and MaK Middle East offers a variety of services that will ensure your equipment's performance and dependability. From overhauls and maintenance, to repairs and conversion, MaK Asia and MaK Middle East provides 24-hours support and will be there to meet your needs. 


One of the major operational challenges facing a vessel owner today is how to minimize vessel and engine downtime while maximizing the availability of the vessel in order to meet today’s tough charter requirements and tight sailing schedules. It is important that the reliability and efficiency of engines are not compromised by over extending scheduled maintenance routines as this can result in lost revenue in the event that a vessel has to be taken off hire. Vessels are often serviced, overhauled or repaired in locations where there are no adequate service workshop facilities available, this can lead to delays as some major engine components may need to be sent to another location for servicing, overhauling or repair.

MaK Asia and MaK Middle East has recognized the importance of faster turn-around times for engine servicing, overhauling and repair and has invested in establishing a major engine component service exchange program. MaK Asia and MaK Middle East offers its customers the option of utilizing a service exchange component instead of the conventional local overhauling of engine components such as cylinder heads, fuel injection pumps and turbochargers. It is strongly recommended that components such as cylinder heads, fuel injection pumps and turbochargers are serviced and overhauled in a suitable workshop equipped with the required tooling and equipment, while maintaining the required cleanliness and environmental control standards. Service exchange components can be delivered to a vessel or shipyard prior to the vessel arriving and offers a ready to use rebuilt component that has been rebuilt at MaK Asia’s workshop facility in Singapore or MaK Middle East's workshop facility in Dubai. These components adhere to MaK Factory Guidelines and Requirements, while using state-of-the-art equipment and tooling. All of MaK Asia's and MaK Middle East's service exchange components are tested prior to delivery and are covered under warranty.

MaK Asia/MaK Middle East is able to provide the following service exchange components:

  • Power Packs
  • Injectors
  • Turbochargers



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