EMD® Generator Sets

Customers worldwide continue to choose Progress Rail’s EMD® E 23 Series for its significant advantages in power, durability and responsiveness, which is unmatched in the industry.

The simple and robust design of EMD's two-cycle engine has stood the test of time by adapting to new demands and requirements. As part of Caterpillar, Progress Rail continues to build on this legacy, with a commitment to increased performance, durability, reliability and maintainability.


Unequalled performance for Power Generation:

The EMD two-cycle E 23 Series engine is the most responsive generator set engine in the world. Testing has proven our 5,000 horsepower, 20-cylinder engine is able to accept full load in one step and recover speed in two seconds. By firing each cylinder once per revolution and benefiting from plentiful combustion air through our unique clutched turbo-changer design, the EMD E 23 Series engine is unique in its ability to smoothly accept load at any engine speed at a rate no other medium speed engine in the world can match.



The EMD® E 23 B 710 Series engine has achieved US EPA Tier 4 Final Certification and IMO III certification. The Tier 4 E 23 B is the industry's only completely integrated solution.

Our bullet Proof US EPA Tier 3 engines are available for vessel repowers. IMO II engines are still profuced today and immediately available. Our two-cycle engine continues to respond to new emissions challenges while maintaining our efficiency and life-cycle cost advantages.

EMD Generator Sets