Mak Asia's Service desk is available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, with quality support to ensure your business and livelihood doesn't come to a halt. 

Our After-Sales Support Services Include:

Factory Direct Technical Support

As a Caterpillar wholly owned MaK dealer, MaK Asia’s experienced technical support engineers also receive MaK factory technical support if and when required.

Commissioning of New Engines and MaK Supplied Auxiliary Equipment

MaK Asia has a team of experienced commissioning engineers based in Singapore and China who are trained and authorized by the MaK factory to commission newly installed MaK engines in any marine and petroleum installation.

Submittal of Service Letters and Technical Bulletins

MaK Asia has direct access to MaK factory service bulletins. Applicable service bulletins can be provided in order to keep customers up to date with changes or upgrading relating to specific engine models.


MaK Engine and Parts Warranty Administration

MaK Asia is fully authorized by the MaK factory to administer and process MaK engine and parts related warranty claims.

Service Exchange Component Program including Cylinder Heads, Turbocharger Cartridges and Fuel Injection Pumps

The servicing, overhauling and repairing of cylinder heads, fuel injection pumps and turbochargers in either a remote location, or where there are inadequate or no service facilities available locally can result in delays in getting the engine boxed up and put back into operation. Utilizing inadequate or unauthorized service providers can also jeopardize the quality of the end product which may lead to unreliable engine operation or performance.

MaK Asia provides customers an alternative a solution to conventional overhauling by offering service exchange components to significantly reduce engine downtime while maintaining the quality, integrity and reliability of the components.


24-7 Service